It's the Big Bad Wolf of Business: The Tax Audit

It's the Big Bad Wolf of Business: The Tax Audit

Get representation before you face your tax examiner

You've gotten that dreaded letter from the IRS. Your business is being audited. Before you panic, get in touch with an experienced professional. Michael W. Gutwetter, CPA provides state and federal tax examination representation. We can help you by working with examiners and representing your best interests. We can also create spreadsheets to help make the process more orderly.

Schedule an appointment with an audit representative by calling 201-703-5588 now.

Do you need representation during your audit?

Sometimes, audits are simply a request to send a form you left off your tax return. In these cases, as long as you have the form, you don't need professional representation. You simply need to provide the requested documentation as soon as possible.

However, some audits are more intense. Seek expert representation from Michael W. Gutwetter, CPA if...

  • You're facing a sales tax or business tax audit
  • You don't have access to the information requested
  • You have to meet with a tax examiner

Don't make this time any more stressful than it has to be. Contact Michael W. Gutwetter, CPA right away.